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Lodestar coachesTM are a team of Executive and Leadership Coaches, accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF), inspiring people's passion for excellence in business.

  • Do you want to make a contribution, a difference, an impact in the world?
  • Do you want to have an even greater performance edge?
  • Are you, or do you want to be, on your company’s fast track?
  • Are you responsible for developing high potentials in your organization?

Welcome here you are in the company of like-minded individuals.

Nisrine Haddad Hachem


Here you are in the company of like-minded individuals.

Lodestar coaches, founded by Nisrine Haddad Hachem, are a full service executive coaching, firm based in Beirut. Our proprietary,consistent, measurable process of coaching, work with both individuals and organizations, in pursuit of personal change and growth, career advancement, leadership and organizational performance improvement.






















































Nisrine Haddad Hachem, founder of Lodestar Coaches, is an ICF Executive and Leadership Coach. She and her team will support leaders in becoming better decision makers, enhancing the performance of their team, improving their productivity and raising the level of employees' satisfaction, while enhancing the culture of the organization.

Our Values

Growth Option Strategy

Another impact of Lodestarcoaches insight

Play and Win

Maximizing core corporate agendas into new frontiers is a …

Bringing Mastery Together

At Lodestarcoaches we are powered with enlightened inner vision to keep pursuing values in delivering solutions to toughest problem. Our moving strategy is a move to…

We enjoy what We do

we collaborate with enthusiasm, confidence and commitment. We invest ourselves in our work and have a passion for all we do. We constantly look for ways to provide…

Work without borders

Our organization is flexible, accessible, global and…

Our Services

Our Solutions



Our tools to solutions are practical research and data gathering, workshops, training programs and project management commitment. We move a long traditional consulting specialization, measurable, reliable and repeatable. At lodestarcoaches, we move effective solutions by industries and their specializations. We…

Management Consulting


Change in the structure process and in the company’s performance requires cultural transformation with a targeted goal trained for a renovated environment, engaged in new models, assessed in time study to give a successful outcome.

We do reshape and reengineer models on new platforms that could not sole relate to technology,…

Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting relies on risk-value-change and enhancement through decision making to protect assets and redesign competitive strategy that defends financial flow.

Focusing on sustainable performance is understanding company’s inner skills and taking risk of refinancing business interest and evaluating the right behaviors of markets. Considering fit in deal, will put more…


Engaging with markets challenges controversial thinking and parameters in a dynamic environment where consultants must be refreshed with visibility for reshaping companies and industries. Our global network provides special team cross-border accelerating brainstorming to gain control over situations through strategy. We rely developing new strategies starting from management of fit employees…